Human cultures approach religious questions in ways informed by their cosmologies and vice versa, in the imaginative work of public and private world-building.

Frontiers is an interdisciplinary graduate student conference aimed at highlighting the nature and significance of these interactions. The event is sponsored by the Centre for Research on Religion (CREOR) with the support of McGill’s School of Religious Studies and colleagues from the McGill Space Institute (MSI), and will happen Nov. 12-13 at the Birks Building in Montreal, Quebec. The annual CREOR graduate conference attracts scholars every year from all over the world.  This year’s event builds on that success and widens its scope by actively partnering with (astro)physics graduate students.




Saturday, Nov. 12th

Coffee and Early Registration

12:00-3:00, Birks Foyer


Opening Remarks

Prof. Andrew Cumming, Associate Professor of Physics at McGill and Associate Director of the McGill Space Institute

3:00-3:15, Birks Chapel


Public Keynote Address

Prof. Christopher J. Corbally, S.J., Associate Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Arizona, and President of the National Committee for Astronomy, Vatican City State, International Astronomical Union.

From Calendar to Cosmos”

3:15-4:15, Birks Chapel


Wine and Cheese

4:20-7:00, Foyer




Sunday, Nov. 13th  

Breakfast and Late Registration

9:00-9:25, Birks Foyer


Session 1

Raise the Curtain: What’s at Stake in Imagining Time and a Beginning for It?

9:30-10:45, Chapel

Guilherme Franzmann

Sergey Trostyanski

Rebecca Robinson

Marcel Parent

Panel Chair: Sara Abdel-Latif


Session 2a

Cosmology and Creativity on the Global Free Market 1 (Then)

11:00-12:15, Room 203

Elena Dugan

Sara Abdel-Latif

Yehia Amin

Gregory Rupik

Panel Chair: Rebecca Robinson


Session 2b

Cosmologies At Work: Makes and Models, Market Shares

11:00-12:15, Room 204

Mireille D’Astous

Elaina Taize Smith

Jennifer Guyver

Junyu Ke

Panel Chair: Sergey Trostyanski



12:15-1:30, Foyer


Session 3a

Cosmology and Creativity on the Global Free Market 2 (Now)

1:30-2:45, Room 203

Darry Dinnell

Tanisha Chakma

Aaron Ricker

Ian Cuthbertson

Panel Chair: Kelly Lepo


Session 3b

“Religious” + “Scientific” = ? The Great Urge to Synthesize, Then and Now

1:30-2:45, Room 204

Sheryl Spencer

Zane Chu

Jason Blakeburn

Ming Hui Pan

Panel Chair: Junyu Ke


Session 4

Lower the Curtain: What’s at Stake in Imagining Endings?

3:00-4:15, Chapel

Kelly Lepo

Kaspars Reinis

Michelle Bakker

Aaron Ricker

Panel Chair: Ming Hui Pan


Wine and Cheese

4:20-7:00, Foyer




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